Sunday, October 7, 2007

How-to: Make Firefox default browser for Thunderbird

One thing that bugged the hell out of me was the fact that Thunderbird did not know about Firefox. I get a lot of RSS feeds in my inbox and the damn things just won't open. So what you say? "You just click the link and magically Firefox starts with a new tab and the most sought after page". Wrong. What you have to do is ctrl-click the link, click on "copy link location", do an alt-tab, paste the link in firefox and then press enter while you are controlling yourself from pounding every object that's on your desk . I mean, how hard can it be for the great Mozilla Foundation to integrate the two seamlessly and without any tweaks in the configs? Don't get me wrong. I do love their products. But in my opinion this is one of those cases where some polish (sorry Poland people) will come in handy. So, until they came up for a better way of selecting a default browser here is the way to go:

  • Fire up Thunderbird.
  • Go to Edit - Preferences - Advanced - General - Config editor
  • Make a new string with /opt/mozilla/bin/firefox
  • Same for - /opt/mozilla/bin/firefox

Who in their right mind will use the same application for https and http anyway? Sheesh. Strange f*cking world we're leaving in. :)

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